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St Andrew's Church

There has been a church at this place for more than 900 years. This ancient church contains craftsmanship from many periods.

The earliest part of the present church is the nave, where evidence of late Saxon or early Norman work in the layered masonry with which parts of the walls are faced can be found. There is also a little herring-bone masonry in the south wall, where there remains a tiny blocked window of this date. Clearly the core of the nave dates from the period just before or just after the Norma
n Conquest of 1066.

The late 1000s or early 1100s: A little later the round tower was added at the west end of the nave. The 1200s: The single lancet windows in the north walls of the nave and chancel survive from this period.

c.1300: The round tower was heightened by the addition of its octagonal belfry-stage (later restored with brick) and also received its west window. Some similar windows to those in the belfry-stage were placed in the nave and chancel.